Founded in 1961 as San Hsiung enterprise, we aim to emphasize customer service, product quality, productivity, and creative research. Abroad, we have enjoyed worldwide appreciation of our product. After our founder Mr. Hsu Zhi xiong invented the first fire escape ladder in 1994, our company started to invent and produce different kinds of safety facility. We aspire to improve safety environment for all customers or users.


1961 Established San Hsiung Enterprise, with capital value of 6000 New Taiwan Dollars.

Prior to 1961 produced traditional toys, major product: glove puppets made of wood dust.
1977 Established Sheng Hsiung Enterprise, with capital of One Million New Taiwan Dollars.
Producted wooden Christmas Decorations, Glove Puppets, and other Wooden and wood dust Gifts.
1995 Renamed as San Hsiung Safety Equipment, INC, with capital of Five million New Taiwan Dollars.
Produced and researched fire escape ladders、fire protection devices、equipment for medical use、and environmental protection . We are internationally noted for our award-winning fire escape security window invented by our founder, Mr. Hsu Zhi Xiong.

Renamed as Sheng Hsiung Safety Equipment, INC